Pearl Street: The Center Of Boulder Real Estate


Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder is for most people the heart of the city as this area is considered thriving on all accounts. Pearl Street actually runs almost the entire width of Boulder from the edge of the Foothills with a variety of eclectic housing options, to the eastern side where most industries are heavy. In the center of all this is the Pearl Street Mall which attracts thousands of people everyday. Here you have a plethora of restaurants, bars, shopping boutiques, art galleries, coffee shops, book stores, natural groceries options, theaters, hotels, and tons of parks. The Pearl Street area is by far the most highly sought after place to live in the city by all different kinds of people. From students and working professionals, to families and retirees, Pearl Street Boulder offers its residents with endless opportunities to enjoy all that is great about Boulder Colorado.

Being close to the main drag of town is the biggest pull for people who want to find homes in this area. Pearl Street always has something going on regardless the time of year but spring and summer mark an especially active time for this community. The streets are always full of different people which helps to make this area extremely diverse. The typical scene on a gorgeous spring day is that of smiling faces, playing children, laughing college students, fantastic gourmet smells, lively street entrainment, and beautiful landscaping.

The homes that surround Pearl Street are as different as the people that occupy them. A lot of the homes in this area are a bit older which brings great character and history to the community. To find a home near the Pearl Street area that offers a large lot is not unheard however most homes are nestled close together giving this community a true historic city feel. In addition many new homes are currently being built as well. Most of these homes come in the form of luxury condos that overlook the downtown area and feature top class amenities. There are also several rental opportunities in this area as well. If exciting downtown living sounds good to you, we highly suggest you check out what Boulder Colorado’s Pearl Street real estate has to offer.

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