Denver’s Zoo Lights – A Must See This Holiday!


DENVER – If you have never been, you have to go to the Denver Zoo Lights event!  This event began November 30th and will run until January 2nd, 2013. It is held every night from 5:30-9:00pm and is totally fun for everyone. Denver’s Zoo Lights is not only the perfect thing to do with the kids but it’s also great for adults and dates too!

This past Saturday my family bundled up, packed some snacks, and took the trip out to the City Park complex in Denver.  As first timers to Zoo Lights, we were astounded by the sheer mass of visitors to the area.  A popular location because of other venues like the Museum of Nature and Science and the IMAX Theater, you must plan ahead and be prepared to park a distance away from the zoo.  You will also want to buy your tickets in advance to avoid enormous lines during peak times on the weekends.  Despite the chaos of the parking lot and lines, Zoo Lights is definitely a must see event for the Holidays. Don’t miss it; in fact, go tonight if you can.

Denver’s Zoo Lights
Zoo Lights is presented by Toyota and features 38 acres of lights, a varied schedule of events, live entrainment, free crafts for the kids, and several food and beverage vendors.  For little guys, they sell light-up swords and necklaces, and schnapps and cinnamon whiskey in hot chocolate for the adults! If you do plan to eat at the zoo, there are many fantastic selections to choose from but you can also bring in snacks if you want to stay away from lines and waiting.

Much like any other seasonal event, if you visit Zoo Lights during a weekday, you will avoid the crowds and have more opportunity to enjoy the lights. With that being said, the weekends have certain festive vibe about them.  We saw a bunch of people dressed up for holiday parties and private events at the zoo. Likewise, children were all decked out in snow gear and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

Most of the animals are snuggled in their beds during Zoo Lights but you can still see a few. The real stars of the light show are the underwater scene, Indian elephant, and the family of zebras. These displays are amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen before.  The zoo is also decorated with festive lanterns, moving lights, and some animatronics.  All in all, Denver’s Zoo Lights is a bunch of fun and is one of my new favorite holiday events in the Front Range.

To learn more about Zoo Lights and to buy advanced tickets, which will bypass you through all lines, visit them at the Denver Zoo or text Dzoo to 56512.

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