Recoating your wood floor keeps it glowing


WoodWiseBOULDER COUNTY – WoodWise sets the new standard for wood flooring in Boulder County.

A beautiful hardwood floor is one of the most stunning additions you can incorporate into your home, bringing warmth, beauty and elegance to any room. More than an investment, wood floors don’t trap allergens and dust mites like carpeting, and they are easy to clean.

But even the finest wood floors require some tender loving care from time to time. If regular cleaning isn’t bringing back you floor’s original shine and luster in the high traffic areas – like the kitchen or hallways – it’s probably time for a recoating. A visit from your local flooring contractor is the best way to confirm when it’s time.

Front Range homeowners can choose one of the best: the professionals at WoodWise Hardwood Floors in Boulder. Owner Clarence Harrison has been installing and refinishing Front Range floors for over 22 years, using low-impact methods that help to keep your home environment clean and your floors glowing.

Recoating your floor restores its original glow
“With the correct techniques, a recoating doesn’t have to be a dusty mess, and it will extend the lifetime of your floor,” Harrison says. “And refinishing your floor is a quick and less expensive alternative to replacing it.” The process starts with a chemical or manual abrading of the old surface coat, followed by a thorough cleaning. Then, one or two coats of new finish are applied to bring back the original look.

There are several types of coating products available today. Your WoodWise technician can advise which finishing product best fits your needs and tastes. The popular new lines of water-based “green” alternatives don’t involve the outgassing of chemical solvents that can add smell to the home for days. Usually, a recoat in the morning means you only have to be out of the house for part of the day.

Refinishing your floor
But what do you do if there is too much wear for a successful recoating? Your floor will probably need a deeper refinishing, which entails sanding the floor to remove the old finish and starting over with the bare wood.

Thankfully, sanding a wood floor no longer needs to be the dusty mess it used to be. WoodWise uses a unique dustless process that captures the dust right away at ground level, keeping it out of your home’s nooks and crannies. “This is an important advantage we offer,” Harrison says. “We keep 99 percent of the dust from reaching your home’s surface areas. You don’t want all that dust in your duct work – and you don’t want to be breathing it, either.”

Once the sanding is completed, you can decide whether to restore the floor to its original appearance, or change the look by adding a custom stain to meet your personal tastes or color trends. Move your furniture back in, and you’re sitting pretty!

New installations, too
As a full service wood flooring company, WoodWise can provide complete installation services from the ground up. You can choose from a range of flooring products, from pre-finished, engineered laminates, and wide-plank options to meet your budget and style.

WoodWise customers appreciate the personalized attention they receive, whether their home is an entry-level townhome or a multi-million-dollar showcase. “We always do a walk-through with the homeowner, to see if they have any questions, discuss upkeep and maintenance, and ensure that their new floor matches their desire and expectations,” Harrison explains.

“We are happy to visit your home, consult with you on your project and provide a free, no-obligation estimate. We’ll bring our showroom to you, with hundreds of samples to choose from. Just give us a call – we’d love to work with you in creating the floor of your dreams,” Clarence Harrison says.

To schedule your personal consultation, call 303.442.7777 or visit to learn more about the services and products that WoodWise offers.

By L.L. Charles, At Home

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