On Twenty Years: RE/MAX Town & Country Looks Back

BERTHOUD/NORTHERN COLORADO – “The fact that we’re still here is very satisfying.” RE/MAX Town & Country

So says Marian Maggi of her remarkable longevity as a real estate agent and business owner in the Berthoud area. As RE/MAX Town & Country, formerly Maggi Town & Country Real Estate, arrives at its twentieth year, Marian and business partner and son Gary are reminiscent of their years in the real estate business, which has at times oscillated wildly and other times been a wonderfully steady career.

A Colorado native, Marian settled, with her family, in the Berthoud area in the early 1970s and has been there ever since. She earned her real estate license in 1985 – an era when housing contracts were typed on carbon paper and the Internet had not yet overhauled the way real estate business gets done. From her earliest days as an agent, Marian has clung tenaciously to the Golden Rule as a guiding business principle. “It sounds simplistic,” she says, “but I believe in treating other people the way I’d like to be treated.”

Marian worked for a local agency for eight years, becoming immersed in the trade, and in 1993 the time was right to open her own doors. Thus, Maggi Town & Country Real Estate began …in her own house! “I guess it was kind of scary,” she recalls. “We were working out of my house for the first six weeks. But we hit the ground running and were marketing subdivisions right away.”

Son Gary proved a very capable business partner and office manager, jumping in with both feet not long after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in recreational resource management and no interest in real estate. Gary would have had to leave the state to work in his field, but he simply didn’t want to go. Marian gently suggested he sell real estate, and 20 years later Gary comments on the outcome of his decision to do so.

“We’re lucky in that we make good business partners,” he says. “Mom is mom, of course, but less so at work than outside of work. We seem to get along pretty well and mostly agree on things, or we wouldn’t have made it this far. Twenty years have gone so fast, and we’ve been sitting at the same desks nearly the whole time.”

In 2008, Marian and Gary made the difficult but ultimately fruitful decision to become a RE/MAX franchise and change their name to RE/MAX Town & Country. “It was a tough decision because we’re fiercely independent people,” explains Gary. “However, we knew we needed to grow beyond our zip code, and RE/MAX is a great system with helpful tools. It was a good choice for our customers, for us and for our agents.”

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There are four other agents in the office and all have strong community connections in the Berthoud area. Kathy Burcham worked in the Thompson School District for 35 years before joining the team. Kathleen Gruman attended Berthoud High School and is a founding member of the Moon Theatre Company. Laurie Johnson worked alongside Marian in the earliest days of her career. Mike Patrick trains his own National Champion German Shorthair Pointers; one of which is a two-time national champion, and has been in the Berthoud area since his family emigrated from California in 1984. Office manager Sabrina Sommers rounds out the gang, helping keep everyone on track and organized.

While the lion’s share of the business goes to residential sales, RE/MAX Town & Country also deals in commercial properties, land sales, and property management. So how does this agency stand out when there are so many real estate agents and brokers competing for the same business? “Real estate is so regional now that we’re essentially competing with every licensee in the state,” says Gary. “The Internet has changed the way we attract buyers and sellers. So we have to capitalize on our strengths.”

Chief among those strengths is an in-depth knowledge of Berthoud and northern Colorado. The Maggis and their team have deep family roots in the shadow of Longs Peak, and the mountain has been good to them.

As the next twenty years begin, Marian Maggi has a few words of advice for those wanting to go the distance in this field. “Realtors that succeed learn how to balance the ups and downs – the positive and negative things – that can occur on the same day. If you can keep people, including yourself, from stressing in the difficult moments, you’ll do well.”

Whether you’re buying or selling, Marian, Gary and staff would be happy to guide you through the process. Call 970.532.5096 or go online to berthoudrealestate.com.

By Darren Thornberry, At Home

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