Year end stats for Boulder area single family market

As the fourth quarter wraps up, there are some statistics worth noting regarding the Boulder area single family housing market. In 2012, 786 single family homes were sold in the city, a nice increase of 172 homes compared to the year prior. The median sales price of Boulder single-family properties also jumped from $545k in 2011 to $570k in 2012. Moreover, 2012 set a record high for the median sales price of a single-family home sold in Boulder. 2012 also saw new highs for Boulder single family homes in the area of average sales price of $668.4k. In regard to the high-end spectrum of the Boulder market, 33 single family homes sold for $1 million or more including 7 that went for over $2 million plus. To the right is a statistical chart detailing the entire Boulder county area dating back to 2001.

By Tyler Dock (stats provided by DB Wilson), RE/MAX of Boulder


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