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By Adam Martin, At Home

easyHouse_42_Print_06“My husband and I moved to Colorado in 1978,” Vi Schelhaas said. Originally from Montana, she and her husband, Glenn, were in Minnesota prior to the move. They both fell in love with the area, settling in and raising a family right here.

After 48 wonderful years of marriage, Glenn passed away in November of 2013. Vi misses him dearly, of course. Closing one chapter of her life and beginning a new one has been no easy thing, but she’s not one to shy away from a challenge. Rather than sinking into isolation, she decided to move forward. For her, forward movement includes a very literal move.

“The house in Longmont was too big,” she said, explaining that the home she’d shared with Glenn was great for raising a family, but is a bit much to tend to on her own. There are more than a few emotional attachments, as well. So, she came to the decision that it would be both practical and constructive to find a new home.

She began the process of house hunting, on the prowl for something smaller and more manageable. Some of her friends were looking at Boulder Creek’s homes at The Lakes at Centerra, so she joined them. She loved the look and feel of the homes, but the only models in the neighborhood at that time were simply too big. Each included a fully finished lower level and more square footage than she felt she needed. As much as she liked the overall design, she didn’t feel there were any options at Centerra that fit. She kept looking.

Then something remarkable happened. Boulder Creek hosted a feedback meeting, inviting several potential buyers, including Schelhaas, to openly share their assessment of current offerings. Schelhaas was at that meeting and didn’t hesitate to express her desire for a slightly smaller floorplan without a fully finished lower level.


She wasn’t alone. Several others expressed that very same point of view. Still, what happened next is noteworthy. Boulder Creek listened. The feedback from prospective buyers was taken back to one of Boulder Creek’s architects who was then tasked with designing a home that would meet these buyers’ needs. The easyHouse 30 series was born.

When Schelhaas saw the plans for the easyHouse 30 series, she was delighted. Built to the same high level of quality as any other Boulder Creek home, the 30 series features smaller floorplans that do not include a finished lower level. The designs are tailored to meet the needs of folks just like Schelhaas.

Coming in at around 1,600 square feet, these homes are perfect for buyers looking for a “right-sized” home that doesn’t skimp on any of the amenities for which Boulder Creek is so well known. For example, the layout features an emphasis on main floor living. The master suite, living space, kitchen, laundry facilities, and entrances are all located on the main floor of the home, eliminating the hassle of trudging up and down stairs multiple times a day. Each of the easyHouse floorplans includes 2-3 bedrooms, as well. There are even options for storage space and a roomy two-car garage.

Not only that, but the vast majority of the outdoor maintenance is managed on the homeowner’s behalf. Schelhaas was particularly happy about that. Though she enjoys being outdoors, yard work is something she shared with Glenn. She’s happy to take that particular chore off her list. The low maintenance package will allow her to invest time in other activities, like connecting with her new neighbors.


Thankfully, Boulder Creek has made it a point to cultivate a strong sense of community among residents, planning activities and building homes that meet the needs of different types of buyers. Schelhaas, who simply wasn’t ready to move into a retirement community, is really looking forward to that. She’s pleased to know that her neighbors will include people at all stages of life, from young families to active retirees like herself.

What’s more, the Lakes at Centerra is a beautiful neighborhood, conveniently located near plenty of restaurants and retail. Schelhaas is especially excited about the nature trails that run throughout the community, as well as the two lakes on property.

“It’s going to be perfect,” she said. “Absolutely perfect.”

Schelhaas’s home is scheduled for completion in early December. While she’s enjoying working with the design team, hand-picking all the finishing touches for her home, she’s anxious to actually move in. However, at the mention of Boulder Creek staff she’s quick to pay some very high compliments.

“They’re wonderful to work with,” she said, explaining that the team at Boulder Creek has been supportive, helpful and sensitive throughout the process, particularly given the circumstances of her move. At no point did she feel pressured. Instead, she had the sense that they genuinely understood her reasons for moving, and were dedicated to helping her find a home that was right for her.

“I’ve never dealt with a builder before,” Schelhaas said. “This was a good first experience for me, especially having to do it all alone.”

But Schelhaas doesn’t stop there. She goes on to say that she’s pleased to have the opportunity to speak on Boulder Creek’s behalf, in part because she’s had such an amazing experience with them, but also in the hope that perhaps someone else in similar life circumstances will be encouraged by her story.

“Life is too short not to live it,” she said. “What I’ve learned is to embrace each day as a gift… This is one of the biggest steps I’ll take in my life, and Boulder Creek has made it easier.”

One could hardly hope for a stronger endorsement.

For more information about Boulder Creek, the new easyHouse 30 series, or The Lakes at Centerra call 720.606.4340 or visit


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