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To rent or to sell?

BOULDER – The current real estate market is perfect for individuals that already own homes. Interest rates on mortgage payments are low, housing prices are rising at a safe but steady rate, and inventory is low. These conditions are conducive for an increase in rental properties. More and more, households are moving and keeping their previous homes as rental properties rather than selling. This is generating profit in many areas because these new landlords can charge a monthly rent that exceed

Can you afford to buy a home?


LOVELAND – You’ve probably heard about what a great time it is to buy a home, and your next question is probably whether you can afford to buy one. This is an important starting point for all home buyers. Affordability involves more than just the mortgage payment. Other considerations are property taxes, hazard insurance, property fees, and ongoing maintenance. Mortgage principal & interest Your largest monthly expense is for principal and interest. The amount depends on the price of you

Negotiating inspection issues for home purchases

Home inspections provide two types of information. First, it offers recommendations for improvements to a home. Secondly, it identifies problems. It is important to remember this before negotiating with a seller after an inspection. It is unreasonable to ask for upgrades to a home. If those upgrades were already in place, the home would sell for more than the price for which you are purchasing it. Your approach to the negotiation process will affect the outcome of those negotiations. The followi

Mistakes to avoid when preparing to buy a home

If you’re planning to buy a home in the next six months or even the next year, you actually need to start planning now. There are many mistakes that people make, not realizing that it will impact their future home purchase. Below are some mistakes to avoid when preparing to buy a home. Holding on to Physical Cash As you start saving money for your down payment, it is important to think about where you store those funds. Mortgage companies will want to know the source of funds, so it is best to

Selecting Good Home Repair Contractors


When preparing to sell your home, you may be debating on what repairs or upgrades are necessary to maximize the value of your home. If resale value is your goal, it is best to speak to a real estate agent first. Your agent can provide guidance on what repairs will appeal to home buyers and add the most value. After deciding on repairs, you must then work on selecting Colorado home repair contractors to complete the work. Below are some tips to help with that process. Evaluating Home Contractors

Multiple Offer Scenarios

The current real estate market (with low inventory and high demand) is one where you typically come across multiple offer scenarios. As a buyer, it can be frustrating to continuously lose out to other buyers. This article offers tips on multiple offer scenarios and what you can do to improve the chances of getting your offer accepted. Be Prepared to Act In a hot market, you have less time to make decisions and to act. Make sure that you are in a situation where you can make an offer if the prop

Offer negotiation tips

LOVELAND – Many negotiations take place throughout the real estate process, one of the most important being the initial offer. It can be complicated and emotional as each party attempts to get the best terms and conditions. At the very least, everyone involved wants to feel that they are being treated fairly and that the end result is a good compromise. As you prepare to buy or sell your home this year, here are some offer negotiation tips to keep in mind. What you should think about before n

Choosing a custom home site


NIWOT – Choosing a site is a key step in the process of building your dream home.  Your selection will play a part in the cost, style and design of your home and will play a large role in the overall perceived value of your home. This brief column will give you a general overview of what to look for in a building site. Cost Factors Price for a site is determined by such factors as market conditions, location, size, views and orientation. Orientation takes into account the amount of sun exposu

Tony Schnee joins The Group, Inc.

Tony Schnee, The Group, Inc.

LOVELAND – The Group, Inc., Real Estate, announced that Tony Schnee has joined as a Broker Associate/Partner. Schnee has extensive experience in bar management and small business ownership.  He can be reached at The Group’s Centerra Office, 5401 Stone Creek Circle, Loveland, CO, 80538, 970-613-0700.The Group, Inc. is Northern Colorado’s leading real estate company with five locations in Fort Collins, and Loveland.

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