The complex nature of valuing rural properties

First-time rural property buyers are often unaware of the complexities that determine a property’s value. Unlike city properties, there is an abundance of variables to be considered, and “comps” are difficult to find.

An exquisite Colorado haven

The Tuscan-inspired stucco Calmante villas in Superior, Colorado by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods are a slice of heaven for those lucky enough to lock in one of the final three home sites.

10 ways to freshen up your walls

10 ways to freshen up your walls

When it comes to artwork, sometimes thinking outside the box can be the best solution. Looking for ways to spark up your walls? Here are some top tips.

Seeding native grasses in landscapes

Native grasses can be used in a landscape either as specimen plants or for a bluegrass lawn alternative or to create a native prairie landscape.

Colorado garden gazing ball predicts busy 2021

Gardeners always want to peek into the future to see if their flowers will bloom, vegetables thrive, or rain is on the way. We check almanacs, weather reports, fuzz on caterpillar’s backs, and moon charts to get an edge on Mother Nature. We have many reasons for wanting to know how 2021 will shape up, especially in the garden.

The Lighter Side: The 2020 holiday letter of gloom, doom and gratitude

Every year my husband and his siblings look though my mother-in-law’s holiday cards and letters to catch up on the lives of extended family and old friends. She used to get these truly amazing holiday letters from a former neighbor who has since passed away. These...

Karen Bernardi, Bernardi Real Estate Group

Karen Bernardi, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Karen Bernardi is head of The Bernardi Group at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Boulder and has been selling real estate for almost 25 years.

Mary Romano, Coldwell Banker

Mary Romano, RE/MAX Alliance

As a real estate professional, Mary finds pleasure in challenging herself to meet the needs of her clients with integrity and professionalism. Mary is thrilled to be a partner with RE/MAX Alliance.