Gaye Fairbairn looks over Tramonto home plans with Realtors Scott Ford and Stuart Kuzminsky with The Boulder Team at Coldwell Banker. (Photo by Timothy Seibert, At Home)

LONGMONT – Gaye Fairbairn’s search for a new home was thorough. “I started looking for a home, really, over two years ago,” she said. A resident of Boulder for more than 60 years, she knew what she wanted.

But Fairbairn soon discovered what she described as “a lack of options.” Many of the homes were older, and almost all had more stairs than she cares to deal with these days. One home was even situated so that the master bedroom was on the fourth floor and the laundry room in the basement. That simply wouldn’t work for her.

To add to the difficulty, not only was she having a hard time finding a floorplan she liked, but, as she explained, “Prices in Boulder were high.” (At press time, median home prices in Boulder were just shy of $1 million.) Boulder is her home. She was committed to staying in the area, but she decided to broaden her search. That’s when she discovered Tramonto, by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.

When asked what stood out to her about Tramonto, the first thing she cited was the location. That may seem odd given her strong preference for staying within the city limits, but Tramonto is only minutes from Boulder. The neighborhood is a near-perfect blend of city conveniences and rural beauty. It’s close enough that residents won’t feel like they’re taking a road trip just to run to the store or visit popular spots in Boulder and Longmont, and secluded enough to capture the natural beauty of the area, complete with walking trails and plenty of open space.

Nestled among several premier neighborhoods, Fairbairn was delighted to find the price within her budget. And it didn’t hurt that her golf club is close by, too.

As for the home, itself, Fairbairn finally found what she was looking for. True to Boulder Creek’s core values, her new home is all about hassle-free, lifestyle-enhancing convenience, from the floorplan to the exterior maintenance. She’s especially excited about the layout.

Boulder Creek’s ranch style homes have been designed with a noticeable emphasis on main floor living. What does that mean? The areas of the house you’re most likely to use on a day-to-day basis are all on one level. For example, Fairbairn’s two-car garage will give her direct access to her kitchen. That means she won’t have to lug bags of groceries up and down stairs just to unload the car, and her golf clubs can be stowed right there in the garage. On top of that, the living room, master bedroom and laundry room are also on the main floor.

Inside the home, the floorplan is open and spacious. It’s a great layout for entertaining guests, neither too big nor too small. Fairbairn went so far as to comment that all “the floor plans offered by Boulder Creek were very appealing.”

One of the truly brilliant things about Boulder Creek’s homes is the care that’s been taken to ensure both the interior and the exterior of the home promote a low-maintenance lifestyle. Don’t like stairs? No problem. That’s the idea behind main floor living. But what if you don’t like yard chores, like mowing and snow shoveling? Boulder Creek has buyers covered there, too.

The exterior of all Boulder Creek homes are maintained on behalf of the homeowner, giving buyers like Fairbairn more time for the things they love, like golfing. Fairbairn will no longer have to mess landscaping in the summer, or with snow removal in the winters. Those burdens, along with many more, are no longer on her to-do list.

When Fairbairn decided she wanted to take a look at Tramonto, her Realtor, Scott Ford, was among the first people she told. Ford and his partner, Stuart Kuzminsky, make up The Boulder Team at Coldwell Banker, right here in Boulder. Fairbairn said Ford was, “very strongly in favor of Boulder Creek.”

As it turns out, Ford is a big fan of Boulder Creek. “I think they build a very fine house,” he said, adding that he’s helped buyers contract on both new and resold Boulder Creek homes. “I don’t think there’s enough of the good ranch style living product,” he said. Perhaps that’s part of why Boulder Creek stands out to so many. They’re filling a much needed gap.

With regard to Fairbairn’s home, specifically, Ford said the layout was a great fit. “[The main floor emphasis] was huge for her, and it’s huge for a lot of people,” he said. And when it came to the low-maintenance lifestyle, he was even more candid. “For those who are interested [in low-maintenance living], it’s critical.”

Tramonto is secluded enough to capture the natural beauty of the area, complete with walking trails and plenty of open space.

Tramonto is secluded enough to capture the natural beauty of the area, complete with walking trails and plenty of open space. (Photo courtesy of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods)

Ford knew, of course, that Fairbairn was hoping to stay within Boulder city limits. However, he was quick to point out many of the same benefits of Tramonto’s location that Fairbairn had mentioned: the neighborhood is close to shopping and dining, in both Boulder and Longmont, and close to her golf club. All told, it’s just convenient.

Both Fairbairn and Ford spoke well of the people at Boulder Creek. It goes without saying, but buying a home is no small thing. The personal interaction can make an enormous difference. Fortunately, Boulder Creek’s people are as solid as their homes.

“The staff is professional,” Ford said. “They’re very good listeners. Their follow-up is good. They’re just good, professional people you just enjoy working with.”

Fairbairn’s assessment was similar. She described Boulder Creek staff as “very friendly and knowledgeable.” When she had questions, they were quick to deliver answers, never leaving her waiting long for a response. What’s more, she said they were very solution-focused, offering helpful suggestions throughout the process.

Construction is now underway at Tramonto, with the model home expected to be completed this summer. That hasn’t stopped interested buyers like Fairbairn.  In fact, nine of the 34 homes have already been contracted.

The first homes will enter the framing stage within the next month, giving interested buyers a chance to walk through them while still under construction. Additionally, some of the very same floor plans are offered at Lanterns at Steel Ranch in Louisville, so finished homes can be viewed there by appointment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tramonto, Boulder Creek will be hosting a VIP event on March 22. There will be appetizers, drinks and opportunities to visit directly with Boulder Creek staff about this new community in southwest Longmont.

If a low-maintenance lifestyle speaks to you, contact Jennifer Edewaard at 720.606.4340 for more information and to RSVP, or learn more by visiting

By Adam Martin, At Home. Photography by Timothy Siebert. Renderings provided by Boulder Creek  Neighborhoods.