Tramonto by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

For local author & adventurer, Paul and Marjorie Lipton, low-maintenance living at Tramonto empowers ‘ageless living’. (Photo: Timothy Seibert)

Tramonto by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Tramonto’s main-floor living floorplans are open and inviting. (Photos: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods)

LONGMONT – For local author & adventurer, low-maintenance living at Tramonto by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods empowers ‘ageless living’

In pursuit of what he calls “ageless living,” Paul Lipton retired as a Miami attorney, dusted off his motorcycle, traveled the world, wrote a book – and moved to Tramonto in Longmont by award-winning lifestyle builder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.

“Living in this neighborhood allows us to live life to the fullest,” said Paul’s wife, Marjorie, a retired psychologist. “We are near our family, we have room to entertain, we have wonderful neighbors and we are close to nature. These are important to us as part of ageless living.”

A new patio home at Tramonto means low-maintenance living, as the neighborhood Homeowner’s Association manages outdoor maintenance chores and the Colorado-inspired landscaping. “We don’t want to waste time on pulling weeds.  We have so much living to do. We want to live in the moment and enjoy life,” Paul said.

“Our homes in Florida always had a lot of maintenance, especially because everyone in Florida has a pool, and we had a large yard,” Marjorie said. “It is so nice not to have to worry about outside of a house. We like to travel and do things with our grandchildren and friends.”

The Liptons’ impetus to live in the moment – of which their move to Tramonto was crucial – occurred about 15 years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park during a visit to grandchildren. At the time, Paul was winning big cases as a respected lawyer in Florida, and Marjorie was commuting daily with her career helping children struggling through abuse. “We had a good, successful life, but I kept thinking, ‘There’s got to be another chapter,’” Paul recalled. Thus, on a fateful day when a ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park asked Paul if he’d qualify for a senior discount, Paul decided to ditch the “senior” label and “live in the now,” he said.

First, though, he needed to discover how to get the most out of his time. He trekked to the Himalayas, then crossed the ice fields of Mont Blanc before unloading his queries at a shamanic retreat in California. Atop his motorcycle, Paul cruised through the Rocky Mountains, Florida’s Alligator Alley and the forests of North Carolina.

“I decided to start viewing each day afresh, to live in the present,” said Paul, whose parents died young. “Marjorie and I call this ageless living, and it’s part of the reason we want to live in this active community. You don’t have to do something dramatic, but I don’t want to live these years of my life in front of a television.”

No worries there, as Paul and Marjorie fill their days, and their newfound free time from low-maintenance living, with volunteer work, visits with family and outdoor recreation. “We both enjoy biking and hiking, and we’ve always loved the mountains,” Paul said. “We see going to the gym or getting out to hike and bike as health care.”

Marjorie added, “We feel very lucky to be healthy and active, and living here with the weather means we get to be out all year. The summer is beautiful, the winter is beautiful.” The Liptons relish Tramonto’s proximity to Chautauqua Park in Boulder and the many hiking trails near Longmont. Tramonto’s park and community garden are peaceful getaways in the neighborhood, too.

As frequent travelers and “explorers of our community,” the Liptons appreciate the short drive from Tramonto to Boulder and the Denver International Airport, “as well as the many festivals on Main Street in Longmont and excellent restaurants,” Paul said.

Marjorie said, “I’ve never before lived in such a welcoming community. Our neighbors walk by and invite us to go with them on walks. There’s a women’s group that meets every week, and neighbors have parties and invite each other over. We are really getting to know our neighbors.”

Not only did the low-maintenance convenience, prime location and friendly neighbors of Tramonto beckon Paul and Marjorie, they also moved ]to Tramonto “for the comfortable, perfect-for-us” floorplan, Marjorie said. “We moved to Colorado to be near family, so it was important to us to have room for our daughter and grandson from Los Angeles to visit. We wanted easy access inside our home since our townhome had four levels,” she said. “We’re in our 70s and wanted to plan for the future, whatever it brings.” 

Tramonto’s main-floor living floorplans are open and inviting, with the master bedroom conveniently off the main living space. “I love that the laundry room is on the main floor and that the house is so open, especially the kitchen and living area,” she said. The Liptons opted to finish the basement to welcome visiting relatives. “We’re thankful that it’s a brand new house with warranties,” Marjorie said.

“It’s a gift to live here,” she said. “We’re lucky enough in this neighborhood that we have a direct view of the mountains from the front porch. To see the animals and plants and these mountains and the sunsets, that is amazing.”

Paul said, “We moved here because we wanted to be surprised by life again.” For Paul, that’s not exclusively soaking up the good stuff. “We all go through dark times sooner or later,” he said. “We can choose to defeat the challenge, or the challenge defeats you.” Paul lived for 18 years with debilitating pain in a nerve on the side of his face. Surgery almost two decades ago freed him from pain, starting him on a path to live deeply. “Now every day is a good day,” he said.

Marjorie and Paul will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in June. “He’s kept me laughing for 50 years,” she said. “I appreciate every day we’re on this earth, and living here, in this beautiful place and being able to be active, I feel like we can do anything we want.”

Paul’s book, “The Hour of the Wolf: An Experiment in Ageless Living,” chronicles his journey from hum-drum existence to Colorado adventure. He explained, “The hour of the wolf is the two or three o’clock hour in the morning when you wake up with regrets or dashed dreams.”

Paul and Marjorie’s journey to Tramonto shows just how important a new, low-maintenance home can be to living life to the fullest. If a low-maintenance lifestyle sounds like something you may be interested, the Sales Concierge team would love to speak with you about your goals.  They can be reached at 303-309-0088. To learn more about Tramonto, visit and join the interest list.  Ranch-style patio homes at Tramonto start in the mid $500s. To embrace low-maintenance convenience and main-floor living in a location of striking natural beauty, give them a call to set up a private tour of the model home.

By Sarah Huber, At Home

Tramonto by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Paul and Marjorie moved to Tramonto “for the comfortable, perfect-for-us” floorplan. (Photos: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods)