DENVER – Realtor Allie Kirby, of New Era Group, Your Castle Real Estate in Denver lists the top three tips for both buying and selling a home in a hot housing market.


Get pre-approved
Sitting down with a local lender to learn more about one’s financial options will help ease their stress. “Doing this will help you know your maximum purchase price when shopping for a property,” noted Kirby. “Other questions I encourage buyers to ask their lender are ‘How does an HOA payment affect my mortgage?’ ‘What will my full monthly mortgage payment include?’ ‘What are closing costs?’ ‘How does my credit score affect my financing?’ and ‘What documents will I need to provide?’”

Start planning now
One can never meet with a lender or Realtor too early to start making a game plan. “Informing yourself about the home buying process and about the current market will help you manage your expectations when you begin your own home search,” added Kirby.

Be prepared to get creative with your offer
Although sellers are usually trying to get the highest dollar amount possible, there are a myriad of terms to structure within an offer that can help strengthen one’s position as a buyer, past the offer price presented.


Price your home accurately
“Buyers are going to do their research on how your home compares to the other recently sold comparable properties in the neighborhood. Pricing accurately is going to help generate more showing traffic, possibly even presenting you the opportunity of multiple offers, allowing you the incredible option to select a solid buyer for your home,” stressed Kirby.
Declutter and knock out that to-do list

It’s time to show off the property to potential buyers. “It’s important to show not how you live in the space, but the potential lifestyle and ease the new homeowner could enjoy in your space,” stated Kirby. “All of your daily conveniences need to be put away thoughtfully so that a buyer views storage space as ample and useable. Lastly, it’s important to spruce up any wear and tear the home has. You are aiming to sell a graceful lifestyle, so things like fresh paint and thoughtful landscaping can go a long way.”

Be patient
“While yes, some Colorado homes are selling within a matter of days, this might not happen overnight or your first contract may fall out,” concluded Kirby. “Odds are that if the price is right and your home is in good condition, there’s another buyer right around the corner.”

Allie Kirby is a Realtor at New Era Group, Your Castle Real Estate in Denver. She works with both buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area. For more information, please call 720.432.4866 or visit