Suzanne Plewes, RE/MAX Alliance in Loveland

Suzanne Plewes, RE/MAX Alliance in Loveland

LOVELAND – Crisp autumn air has moved in and we have finally gotten a break from that stifling summer heat. Yard work is synonymous with this season (as we all know the leaves will be falling), but there are other projects you could do to help prepare your yard and home for the winter. Here are a few home maintenance tips for the fall to include on your checklist. 

Remove storm debris and leaves from your yard

Fall brings some pretty harsh weather. Cleaning up your yard saves you one less chore come spring, but there are other benefits to picking up after mother nature. Wet leaves can be a slipping hazard, so removing the leaves while they are dry will help you avoid costly medical bills. Branches that were broken or rotten may be falling hazards in the winter as they become logged down with ice and moisture. Branches covered in snow are also dangerous to youngsters or pets playing in the yard. When sharp edges are covered with a few inches of powder, they are much harder to avoid.

Test winter equipment, store summer and fall equipment A whole new season means a whole new set of tools to help you maintain your home. Properly storing your spring and summer equipment will ensure the systems run properly when you need to start them back up. Removing any fluids, covering the equipment or storing them in a basement, shed or garage will keep these tools running smoothly for a longer period of time. There is also an added benefit of knowing exactly where things are when you need them. Preparing the snow blower, plow, salt dispenser or any other winter tools will help you avoid any mishaps when you really need them. No one wants to walk out to their garage after a big storm to realize they never bought oil for their snow blower. Performing these tasks before severe winter weather hits will make you much better prepared for what’s to come.

Cover expensive vegetation

If you are an avid gardener or pay good money for landscaping, covering the more expensive or delicate plants will protect them against the heavy snow fall and wind that winter brings. Mulch, burlap fabric and plant covers are all options to help that garden stay strong in the cold. If you plant different varieties of perennials, you will also have a garden that is made to die in the winter and grow back when the warm air returns. This type of selective gardening will produce beautiful vegetation in the spring and summer, but will require little to no maintenance in the winter.

Final home maintenance tips for the fall

With your lawn equipment properly stored, your winter gear ready to go and your garden covered, you are in pretty good shape. The last project will be getting your actual home ready for the winter. Think about calking cracks in older windows or door frames to minimize cold air entering your home. Protect exposed piping with special tapes and foams to prevent against frozen or bursting pipes. Add insulated blinds, carpet and extra blankets around the house to reduce energy consumption. After all, the less you run that heat, the better the energy bill will be. Don’t be caught out in the cold this winter, follow these home maintenance tips for the fall and be well prepared for the coming winter.

By Suzanne Plewes. Suzanne Plewes is a broker associate at RE/MAX Alliance. Write to 750 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Loveland, CO 80537, call 970.290.0373 or e-mail