Home Odors

Certain odors can give potential buyers a negative impression
or even scare them away entirely.

Suzanne Plewes, RE/MAX Alliance in Loveland

Suzanne Plewes, RE/MAX Alliance in Loveland

LOVELAND – Odors can be an uncomfortable topic, but it’s a necessary one when it comes to selling your home. Certain odors can give potential buyers a negative impression or even scare them away entirely. Thus, it’s critical that you address these odors before listing your home for sale.

Pet odors
Pets are members of the family. They’re cute, entertaining, and enrich our lives. Unfortunately, they’re not always the most pleasant smelling. Whether it be litter boxes for your cats, cages for your birds, or pee pads for your puppies, your home may contain areas with unpleasant smells. This is especially true if your pet has had accidents on carpeting and other absorbent materials in the home. You may not notice the smells because you’re accustomed to it, but the same will not hold true for potential buyers.

The best thing to do is to have someone else walk through your home and provide feedback on pet odors. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to clean up pet areas within a home immediately before any showings. After all, you want visitors to notice your home’s features and not the occupants in the home.

Signs of mold
Mold actually has a smell. Well, it might not be necessarily from the mold itself but from the conditions under which mold persists. It’s often a wet and musty odor. Additionally, mold spores in the air can irritate throats and cause other symptoms in visitors. Some people are particularly sensitive to this. If you have any mold in your home, it’s best to get this cleaned up beforehand. Additionally, any wet or damp spaces should be properly dried out. A dehumidifier may just do the trick.

Lingering cigarette smoke
One of the most problematic odors in a home is from cigarette smoke. It not only lingers in the air but also leaves a film on surfaces within the home (including walls and ceilings). The amount of work necessary to remove the smell of cigarette smoke is quite significant. Thus, it can be a major deterrent for potential home buyers.

If your home smells of cigarette smoke, you’ll want to reduce this as much as possible. This means smoking outside, airing out your home, painting the walls and ceilings, washing the floors, washing window treatments and bedding, changing your air filters, and more. Although you may not be able to completely remove it, any reduction in odor will help with your potential sale.

Impact on home values
Homes with strong odors often take longer to sell and sell for less. Buyers who experience negative physical reactions when visiting a home simply won’t be as enthusiastic and motivated to buy it. Additionally, many will consider the time and expense of eliminating the problem. Because of this, home sellers should consider addressing it themselves in advance, if possible. If it cannot be taken care of, sellers should be prepared to receive lower offers as a result.

By Suzanne Plewes. Suzanne is a broker associate at RE/MAX Alliance. Write to 750 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Loveland, CO 80537, call 970.290.0373 or e-mail suzanneplewes@remax.net.