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If you’re looking for an established Front Range real estate brokerage that’s committed to putting your needs first, check out Equity Colorado. Established in 2009, their Northern Colorado office, in Longmont, has been serving the community since 2010. Though the dividing lines are not distinct, says Managing Broker/Owner Nancy Umbreit, the Northern Colorado office mainly covers Boulder, Larimer, and Weld counties, with agents covering some of Adams, Jefferson, and even Denver counties. The full-service brokerage’s agents work with both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate markets, including Residential, Commercial and Land.

Umbreit established the Northern Colorado office nearly a decade ago. Right away, she was attracted to the company because of their unique business model. “Our fees are very low with agents receiving the same or better service, tools, and technology as the full cost brokerages,” explains Umbreit. “I loved the fact that my agents would get to keep a lot more of their commission while giving their customers better service.” She’d been working for another brokerage when she interviewed with Equity Colorado. “I wanted the job immediately,” she recalls.

Because Equity Colorado’s agents keep a greater percentage of their sales commission, they have the opportunity to take on fewer clients, which allows them to give each client more of their time and attention. Umbreit describes a scenario where a Realtor earns a $12,000 commission. In a traditional brokerage, they’d share up to $4,000, or more, of that fee with their brokerage. In contrast, Equity Colorado Realtors pay the brokerage only $500. How do they keep the fees so low? “They’re not paying for the [large] building or coaching or anything they don’t want,” Umbreit explains. Equity Colorado, she says, spends very little on advertising, seldom uses assistants and does not require agents to rent unnecessary office space or to hire expensive coaching services.

When Realtors do want support, Umbreit makes sure they have it. The brokerage recently relocated to a charming, historic space in downtown Longmont. One of the selling points was the large conference room, an ideal setting for trainings and seminars. Umbreit offers four classes a month. “I’m always working on classes for my agents to keep them up to date on current topics,” says Umbreit. “They love the education.” The new office space also offers all the amenities a Realtor might need, like copiers, scanners and private office spaces. The most important resource for Umbreit’s team, however, is Umbreit herself. “I always help them find a solution. If I don’t have one I get it. I’ll call a lawyer, I’ll call my boss, I’ll call CAR (the Colorado Association of Realtors), I’ll call anybody I have to get the answer they need.”

Umbreit’s investment in her team has certainly been worthwhile. While she was initially drawn to Equity Colorado because of their low fees, she’s still enthusiastic about the company because of her team of hard-working Realtors. One of the best parts of her job? “Teaching [my agents], growing them, being with them,” she says. “I’m available from nine in the morning until 7 p.m. by phone and then usually 7 to about 11 p.m. by text or e-mail.” She remembers the frustration of sharing up to 40 percent of her commission fee with her brokerage as a new Realtor yet having to wait, oftentimes more than 24 hours, to get her questions answered. For this reason, Umbreit adheres to a strict policy: She strives to always answer her agents’ questions within 90 minutes.

Though Equity Colorado is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with their clients and among their team of Realtors, they’re also focused on adopting new technology to stay on the cutting edge of the fast-paced real estate industry. To this end, they offer a comprehensive online listings search to make homebuyers’ experience as simple and effective as possible. Equity Colorado understands that timing is key in today’s hot real estate market. They boast a “New Listings Notification” that gives their clients the advantage of seeing new homes the moment they’re listed.

For sellers, Equity Colorado offers unique listing options, free home evaluation, and moving services. Their team understands that, even under the best circumstances, moving is a stressful life event, and they are committed to taking on that stress and making the experience as smooth as possible for every single client.

While we shouldn’t expect to see technology’s role in real estate transactions receding anytime soon, Umbreit says technology will never replace the heart of Equity Colorado – its people. She is proud to say that the quality of her agents has remained consistently high. “The people all the way up the ladder have stayed talented and loyal to our basic concept – to be fair and just to everyone, especially our agents and our clients.” There are approximately 85 agents currently working out of the Northern Colorado office, all of whom imbue their work with a sense of pride.

This is no coincidence; Umbreit is committed to creating a culture where Realtors treat their occupation as a profession, rather than a job.

“I want [my team] not just to be able to sell houses. I want them to represent the industry and my branch with professionalism and integrity,” says Umbreit. Those very qualities, Umbreit feels, are what keep clients coming back. “Nobody’s out just to make a buck,” she says. Umbreit makes sure all of her Realtors understand the importance of putting the client’s needs first. “Take care of the client one time and you’ve got a client for life. Take care of yourself one time and you’ll never see that client again.” One thing is for sure: Equity Colorado takes excellent care of its clients.

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Equity Colorado- Northern Front Range is always looking for new agents to join their office. To learn more about working with Equity Colorado in buying or selling your home or to join their team, call Nancy Umbreit at 303.579.0970, or visit the office at 710 Kimbark Street in Longmont. You may also e-mail Nancy at NancyRealtor@msn.com. Visit Equity Colorado online at EquityColoradoNorthernFrontRange.com.

By Pam Moore, for At Home

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