Karolyn Merrill, The Patrick Dolan Team
Karolyn Merrill, The Patrick Dolan Team

BOULDER – A lot has changed in the world of real estate since Karolyn Merrill and Patrick Dolan started working together in 1997.

It was the age of fax machines, carbon-copy contracts and brick-sized cell phones that plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter. Colorado and the Boulder Valley had yet to see several cycles of booms and busts – the population hadn’t exploded to its current levels, and real estate in the area was in a different phase of development.

Working together, Merrill and Dolan witnessed a fundamental change as the local home-buying landscape changed and opportunities began to shift.

“We worked together just the two of us for years,” Merrill recalled. “Then, as things started to become more abundant with sellers and buyers, we hired assistants and started working in a team style with Kelly Atteridg.”

By the time Merrill decided to strike out on her own in 2010, the team had seen fundamental shifts in the local and national real estate environment. They’d made it through a global financial crisis, one that had serious impacts in their own corner of Colorado. Boulder County hadn’t been immune to the recession, and Merrill, Dolan and the rest of the team worked closely with clients to get through the worst of the fallout.

Merrill incorporated those important lessons gleaned from firsthand experience into her own career as a top producing solo agent. For nearly a decade she made her way enjoying her own identity, successes and building strong relationships with her buyers and sellers.

However, Merrill, at times, missed the team dynamic. When Patrick Dolan offered her a position back on the team as partner she simply couldn’t refuse!

That team boasts more than 85 years of combined real estate experience, and Merrill said the combined expertise of Patrick Dolan, Kelly Atteridg, Bryce Dolan, office manager Ellie Dietz and marketing director Adison Young gives her the freedom and support to focus on her own strengths.

What’s more, the team’s longstanding ties to the local community offer an opportunity to feel closely connected to Boulder Valley.

“I am able to concentrate on sales, which is my expertise and what I love to do,” she said. “I love what I do because every day is unique and no deal is exactly the same. It is a job which always keeps you on your toes and requires thinking outside the box.”

And as much as the environment has changed since the days of fax machines and bulky cell phones, certain draws about real estate in Boulder and a strong partnership with fellow experts have remained constant for Merrill.

“There is no greater satisfaction to assist my clients in what can be a challenging process and have them tell me how seamless and easy and fun it was,” she said.

Contact Karolyn Merrill at 303.817.2827 or visit patrick-dolan.com.

By Adam Goldstein, At Home Colorado