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Berry donates at least 30 percent of her commission to qualifying Community MVPs, enabling some of her clients to settle into a stable home with little to no closing costs. (Photo courtesy: Your Berry Own Home).

For nearly a decade, Heather Berry of Your Berry Own Home, powered by LoKation Real Estate, has been helping teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, veterans and other community standouts move into their “Berry Own Home,” as she likes to say.

Berry explained, “My Community MVP program serves those who are the lifeblood of our community, people who don’t feel like heroes but are out there every day doing great things.” She donates at least 30 percent of her commission to qualifying MVPs, enabling some of her clients to settle into a stable home with little to no closing costs. She has given back over $40,000 to the community over the past two years.

Essential support for Community MVPs
“My eye opener was a teacher who taught for about 26 years and had gone through a bad time personally, but she couldn’t move because she couldn’t afford it,” Berry said. “Our Community MVP program allowed her to get in her first home with $1,000 of her own money. Here she was, teaching our children (our future) and was struggling to buy her own home. I was going to do whatever necessary to get this woman a house.” That teacher, Nicole Bredl, recalled, “It was a pleasure working with Heather! It was a very positive experience from start to finish. The Community MVP Program and Heather’s donation through that program made it possible for my daughter and I to get out of the expensive rent ‘trap’ that we’ve been in for too long. I will forever be grateful to her for that!”

Berry said, “It means the world to me that I can help these outstanding community leaders. Seeing how happy I made Nicole made me want to do it again and again. She cried, I cried, it was a beautiful thing.”

Another teacher Berry helped through her MVP program, Tasia Vander Vegt, a college instructor in Denver, added, “Working with Heather is great because she is trustworthy and always demonstrates that she has her client’s best interest in mind.”

A rare knowledge of northern Colorado, devotion to clients
Berry’s heart is in Boulder County, as she relocated to a farm in Longmont from Kansas as a girl in 1978 and attended schools in Longmont and Lyons. “Longmont is where I grew up. It’s where I raised my family. I love the culture and love having my office downtown.” Today Berry and her family are “Longmont car people,” she said, and frequently drive their “baby blue” 1951 Ford Coupe Deluxe in cruises benefiting the community. They are also members of the Dodge Challenger Club where they participate in many charitable events. “I remember when Main Street was a mecca for cruising,” she said with a laugh.

Heather Berry, Your Berry Own Home. (Photo courtesy: Your Berry Own Home).

Her love of place pours into her real estate practice, through which she empowers families throughout northeastern Colorado “to buy and sell in a way that suits them,” she said. “I am very transparent. I let people know what works, what doesn’t, how long or short the process might take. Most of my clients come to me through referrals, and I am thankful people know I’ll talk straight with them.”

Berry’s straight talk and refreshing honesty were cultivated on the other side of the housing market. After working as a paralegal for years, she represented two iconic brands, Maytag and Electrolux, in the appliance industry, during which time she absorbed almost everything there is to know about appliances, kitchen and bath design and even which home styles best suit specific cooking preferences. “It was a joy to work with builders, designers and architects, and I wanted to help others find a home they love with the look and features they’re passionate about,” she said. “My experience means I can help advise clients on which appliances they can purchase to increase their home value and enhance their own culinary style.”

Berry’s commitment to her clients is fierce. “My clients are like my babies,” she said. “I’ll drive them to multiple houses and think about what they need nonstop.” She thrives on analysis and number crunching. “I love doing research, investigating an area and becoming a resource for my clients,” she said.

“Heather Berry drove me from Bailey to Estes Park to Wiggins and Fort Morgan…Aurora and up towards Greeley searching for a home for me without even flinching at the drive times. Not to mention the computer time she spent. Heather Berry even pointed out that my lenders figures were wrong. When bringing this to his attention his reply was, wow your Realtor really has her head on straight. In which I replied… I know!,” says Tracey Carter.

Jeana Jones, who bought and sold a home with her husband through Berry’s MVP program, said, “Heather understands that looking for a home isn’t a split-second decision. She’s patient, knowledgeable and walks you through each and every step of the process.” Angela Lawrence, a nurse who purchased her first home with the assistance of the Community MVP program, agreed: “Heather was patient with the many questions we had and confirmed we understood what would happen next. We spent a lot of time with Heather viewing houses, and she grew to know what we liked even before we saw it.”

An advocate for community MVPs
Berry’s Community MVP program is supported entirely by her business and fueled by her “love of getting people into homes where they are happy.” She said, “The program is not an assistance program but my way of saying “Thank You” for someone devoting their life to being a servant to their community. I do this program because I really care about the individuals who qualify.”

At Your Berry Own Home, care for community stretches from big things, such as Berry donating a significant portion of her commission to Community MVPs to so-called little things, including regular gifts of chocolate to local emergency respondents and decking her neighborhood with American flags each Independence Day. “I can’t imagine doing less,” she said.

Berry is especially eager to serve active duty military members and veterans. She remembered, “We had a veteran Marine living in a townhome in Greeley with his wife, and they were slowly getting priced out of the market. They wanted to buy before the market shifted further, but they’d have to break their lease. The Community MVP program got them under contract, and we used the 30 percent from the program to break the lease. It was a wonderful story.”

“We were V.A. customers and actually paid $0.00 for closing. We got paid to close. Heather was very personable and responsive. I am from out of state and had never met her. As a prior Realtor, she exceeded my expectations,”

Kenya McCormack, the veteran’s wife, states.

Flexible real estate agents sought as LoKation partners
Berry continued, “Part of the reason I can do this is the freedom I have through LoKation Real Estate, a realty company expanding nationwide with more than 120 realtors in Colorado. Selling from Fort Collins to Denver, I work with awesome clients and appreciate that LoKation encourages me to sell my way, supporting my clients.” As a Talent Acquisition Specialist for LoKation Real Estate, Berry is seeking new and seasoned real estate agents “who want a great brokerage with great tech and great tools and very low fees” and “who are willing to persevere for their clients and to do so passionately.”

To buy or sell a home or for information on becoming an agent with LoKation Real Estate, contact Heather Berry at 720.340.2019, visit 659 Fourth Ave. in Longmont or go online to

By Sarah Huber. Photos courtesy of Your Berry Own Home.