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The team of real estate agents at Equity Colorado-Front Range. (Photo by Jonathan Castner)

With its priority of delighting home buyers and sellers and the real estate agents who serve them, Equity Colorado-Front Range will be moving from Niwot to Longmont. According to Managing Broker Nancy Umbreit, “I bought an older (1905) commercial house in Longmont, at Kimbark and 7th, and I am renovating it as our permanent home. We’ll be there in time for our holiday party.”

She is pleased with the move. “We will have walk-in consumer traffic on Kimbark, which we welcome. And there is more room for drop-in agents and bigger classes. The education we provide our agents is mostly free and is based on what they want. Proven educational offerings are encouraged, as we know they may be the best offerings for the agent’s success. We will provide multiple working spots for the mobile agents – but no mandatory office fees. We will be there with all the tools to enable success.

“Our original business plan – often copied, never duplicated – is challenging the brick-and-mortar offices that make their agents pay for expensive buildings and, sometimes, mandatory private offices – and offer no more than we do.”

She points out that agents are changing, too – re-thinking the need to be in “the” office with headphones at 7:30; instead they are in “their” offices where they can invest in technology that helps them, not necessarily everyone.  The agent makes the upgrade or moving decisions, and not the Broker in the typical 70/30 split, who does what’s “best for all.”

Three Equity agents who have made that transition tell why they are happier, and how their life and business opportunities have changed for the better since they joined Equity. 

Jake Edson’s professional background is quite varied. “I placed my Real Estate Broker’s license with Equity about a year ago. Previously I had brokers’ licenses in Arizona and Oklahoma and finally returned to my Colorado roots in 2012.”

He has been a licensed attorney in Colorado for over 40 years, although he has spent much of that time in his own businesses.

“I believe that Equity Colorado’s business platform is the ideal ‘balance’ between the things most important to agents – cost, education, and knowledgeable and responsive support from the managing broker.  For newcomers, the training – live in-house, online webinars from experienced corporate trainers, and frequent guest speakers such as lenders, title companies, inspection companies, and other experts is perfect to learn the business in the shortest time. Online support from Equity’s proprietary “Elevate” site is loaded with everything, from sample listing presentations to business cards to ‘how to’ manage your business.

“Good customer service always originates with the brokers themselves, and I believe all our clients – whether buyers or sellers – benefit from representation from a highly skilled agent base. We have that in Northern Colorado.

“When I first met Nancy Umbreit, our managing broker/owner, I liked her forthright approach, honest discussion of Equity and its benefits and, most of all, Nancy does not “sugarcoat” anything… I find that very refreshing in an industry where recruiting is such a premium and exaggeration is commonplace.

“Soon Equity will move into new digs at 710 Kimbark Street, Longmont [which Jake found for Nancy]. The location is very visible, is centrally located and has excellent parking for clients and agents alike. It is the perfect home for an aggressive and growing real estate company that provides the best of all worlds to its agents.”

Pam Wettstein, a Realtor/Broker for 33 years, observes that there have been many changes in the real estate industry. “From great markets and interest rates, to horrible markets in 2008 with no one purchasing homes, and no one being able to sell, and lots of short sales and foreclosures.

“Another quickly changing concept is your choice of many real estate offices. Gone are the days of the large office buildings, with lots of individual offices for the Realtors. Clients in today’s world meet for lunch or coffee, or the brokers are at the seller’s home to analyze all of its features, or when showing homes, they are in our car.

“Equity Colorado Real Estate is innovative, and on the cutting edge of this change. There is only the need for a couple of conference rooms, and a couple of offices for anyone to use if needed. It also has a great profit sharing plan, and weekly training and updates for anyone who wants to take advantage of them.

“Nancy Umbreit is a very hands-on broker/manager and is always accessible and quick to communicate with her Realtors. She always schedules the training and classes with choices for the newer agents and for the very experienced.

“The days of the large shopping malls and stores are changing, in the same way that in 2018, real estate companies are changing.”

Diana Bartlett, a newer agent in Loveland, says, “I initially was motivated to leave my previous office because I didn’t have commission flexibility to offer friends and family discounts to my commission rate. The transaction fee through Equity does allow me to determine my net proceeds and allows me to determine how my fees can best service my clients. As with each transaction, I want to ensure I meet and exceed each client’s needs and expectations, as well as meeting my own needs.  

“Equity allows each agent to individually choose our goals. We can choose to work part time, or full time. I also have had the flexibility to create a team with another Equity agent, so that together, we can meet and exceed our clients’ needs through our combined experiences, resources, and time. This too has been a valuable asset to the success I have experienced with Equity.

“I enjoy working for Equity for many reasons. Equity has various online national resources, online training programs, live training classes (scheduled through Nancy), regular meetings and discussion tables. On top of this, Equity wants to ensure that all their new agents are well equipped and educated, and Equity promotes and encourages agents to complete the GRI Realtor designation.  The GRI is a way to stand out as a Realtor. This designation is achieved through a commitment to classes which discuss, in depth, fundamentals of the real estate industry, so that we can provide a high level of professional services to our clients.”  

Like the other agents, she praises Nancy Umbreit. “She knows how to guide us and set us up for success. She aligns our office with support from other businesses and experiences. She keeps a pulse on the industry and informs us of these topics. Nancy is our backbone, and we are all grateful for her!”

Equity offers unique benefits

“Realtors with an Equity office keep a higher amount of commission from each sale, which gives them more resources to spend promoting all their listings as well as increased personal income,” Umbreit explains. “Agents only pay $59 each month for E & O insurance, software and support, and a flat $499 commission when they sell a property – as opposed to the 30 to 50 percent of their commission that many agents pay a larger firm.”

Umbreit adds, “Our fee structure allows agents to keep more of their commissions in their pocket, while still providing an exceptional level of service and consultation to buyers and sellers of Colorado real estate.”

Statewide Equity Colorado now has more than 600 agents in Colorado across six offices, in the Northern Front Range, Denver, Colorado Springs and Summit County.

Contact Equity Colorado

Equity Colorado-Front Range is always looking for new agents to join their office. To learn more about working with Equity Colorado in buying or selling your home or to join their team, call Nancy Umbreit at 303.579.0970, or visit the office at 263 2nd Ave., Ste. 106A in Niwot (by appointment). You may also e-mail Nancy at NancyRealtor@msn.com. Visit Equity Colorado online at EquityColoradoRealEstate.com.

By Judy Finman, At Home