Life is full of so many real, major challenges. We do our best to cope and move on like an adult. It’s the little things – the unexpected disasters – that cause us the most grief. 

Like when you are half asleep, late for work and you step in the shower only to say “Yikes!” (or express more colorful language) as ice cold water hits your head. Your water heater has taken this precise moment to go to appliance heaven.  

Robert Armstrong feels your pain. The owner of APR Plumbing in Loveland has focused his business on the day-to-day things that mean a lot in customers’ daily lives. APR has provided fast, reliable plumbing service and installation for more than 10 years to families in Loveland and Northern Colorado. 

New construction or remodel, and tankless water heaters are all on the menu at APR Plumbing. (Photo courtesy APR Plumbing)

“I really like fixing and installing water heaters. I like the fact that we can have an immediate impact on people’s lives. Until it doesn’t work, you don’t realize that it’s not okay to have a broken water heater. You can’t get along without it for very long,” Armstrong said. 

Most quality water heaters can last a decade, but significant upgrades have been made in newer equipment especially when it comes to energy efficiency. “The new generation of water heaters has a very high efficiency rating. Some of them have a 95 percent efficiency rating. That can save the homeowner a lot on electricity or natural gas and it’s also important for the environment,” Armstrong said. 

The lifespan of water heaters can also now be easily expanded, according to APR’s Robert Armstrong. He recommends a simple, affordable upgrade whenever he installs a new water heater in a home. “We can add a magnesium rod to the tank which helps collect rust that can damage the tank. Tanks already have one magnesium rod, but just by adding another rod you really extend the life of the tank by many years. It will also operate more efficiently during that time,” he said.   

Time for that man cave upgrade? 

Adding a basement wet bar is just one of the ways that APR Plumbing can help upgrade your space.
(Photo courtesy APR Plumbing)

Rated highly by both its residential and commercial customers, APR Plumbing does focus on nuts-and-bolts necessities – septic and sewage systems, garbage disposals and toilets, but also specializes in the comfy upgrades. 

“We work on new custom homes and a lot of existing home remodels. We have customers that add a basement bathroom or shower or even an extra kitchen,” Armstrong said. There is also demand for the new generation of multifunction shower systems. 

For some homeowners, a special moment arrives when kids grow up and move out. “You find you finally have some extra space for an entertainment room in the basement. We’ve done the plumbing for some nice home bars and, absolutely, a few man caves,” he said. 

Once an APR customer, always a customer

When you call APR Plumbing, you don’t reach a robot voice or a far-off call center and there is only one office. “We are a real family-owned operation and we want to keep it that way. My dad does the books sometimes. My nephew helps out. Our focus is on high quality service, whether it is leaky faucets, installing sinks or installing water lines for lawn sprinkler systems. We don’t want to get real big,” Armstrong said. 

That’s why it’s not surprising that the Northern Colorado families who use APR Plumbing & Heating are longtime customers. “More than 50 percent of our business is repeat customers and referrals to family, friends and neighbors,” he said. 

Whatever your bathroom dreams, APR can help make them a reality.
(Photos courtesy APR Plumbing)

For a decade home owners have trusted APR Plumbing & Heating with their plumbing and heating repairs and installation in Loveland, Berthoud, Fort Collins and Longmont and around Northern Colorado. Robert Armstrong, owner of APR Plumbing & Heating, is a Master Plumber and project manager with more than 19 years of hands-on experience. APR also provides expert boiler service and repairs for businesses and larger commercial buildings. 

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By John Lehndorff for At Home