By Linda Thorsen Bond for At Home, Photos by Jonathan Castner

What started out as a little trim in the backyard turned into a major clip job.  My husband, as usual, got carried away with the yardwork. When we finally looked around, there was such a big pile of limbs it looked like it would take my husband hours to haul it out of the yard.

That’s when the biggest wheelbarrow in the neighborhood showed up for work. My husband scooped up limbs and tossed them over the back fence into the bed of our pickup truck. Every one of the clippings fit in our truck in one trip—truly the biggest power tool around.

So it is with a pickup truck. 

The Ford F-150 has plenty of room for tools, supplies without sacrificing passenger space.

Having a truck says, “I am rough and tough and ready for anything.” Honestly, that’s the way I feel when I show up at the local home improvement store. Sure, I let the store personnel load the mulch and figure out how to fit the pallets of plants into the truck bed, but anyone can see at a glance that I am ready to grow my own parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Inside the truck we can fit five or six people and they’re not squeezed in around whatever we’re hauling. That’s where the truck beats the SUV, I think. The truck bed might be a mulchy mess, but inside we’re clean, comfortable and air-conditioned.  

According to Josh Ingrim, general manager of Loveland Ford Lincoln, one of their primary jobs is fitting pickup trucks to their potential owners.  

“The people who come in looking for a truck are so unique,” Ingrim said. “We have to find out how they’re going to use the truck to make it work for them. It’s a job of customizing, figuring out what they might be towing or loading, whether they’re off-roading or hauling horses. We’re working with farmers and people who work on construction sites and homeowners and they all have different needs.” 

Josh Ingrim stands next to the 2019 F-150, the most popular model at Loveland Ford.

The F-150 is the most popular model, he said. “It has a car-like quality because of the full backseat so it’s good for families. But that tailgate step helps people who use their truck to load equipment so it’s also for people who are always putting things in the bed.”

An important feature is tow technology that gives the driver backup assist. “It makes it considerably easier to let the truck help you back up, whether you’re towing a boat or a horse trailer,” Ingrim said. 

At the Ford dealership, they’re seeing less of the waterproof topper for truck beds, because it cuts down on the available space. As my husband and I found out, the bed topper turned our pickup into a car, not a truck. We decided we needed the uncovered truck bed if we wanted to haul tube sand, 4×4 posts for a deck, a new washer and dryer, and equipment that’s just a little too tall for an SUV. And how about standing up that refrigerator I talked him into taking down to the cabin on the river? (He was actually happy about it once it was out of the truck and IN the cabin. Really.)

The F-150 will hold up to 2,300 pounds and tow up to 13,000 pounds. We haven’t taken it to its limit yet. As Ingrim says, “The truck will get the job done no matter what it might be.”

In recent years the F-150 towing capabilities have improved so much most people don’t even need to have a diesel truck to meet their needs as long they get the correct towing capabilities. Ingrim said, “With the right capabilities to suit your needs you might not even need a diesel truck. We think that’s one of the most important jobs we have, to make people happy with what they have for the longest amount of time.”

I don’t think most people think of their pickup truck as a great big wheelbarrow, but that’s the best illustration I have to show how handy we have found our truck. I like the idea of a rough and tough vehicle. I don’t have to hide the battle scars from wrestling with 25 miles of muddy, rocky road or a pile of branches from a tree that should have been trimmed a couple of years ago. Still, I certainly do like the comfortable interior with the nice seats and the air-conditioning. 

Like Ingrim said, it’s important that a pickup truck suits the people who are driving it.

Loveland Ford is currently in the construction phase of their new location. (Photo courtesy Loveland Ford)

The Loveland Ford team is looking forward to the completion of their brand new state-of-the-art dealership campus at the southeast corner of East Eisenhower and Boyd Lake Avenue, just north of the Loveland Sports Park. 

“It will be nice to have all our vehicles and people in one place again,” said Ingrim. Loveland Ford has overflowed some of their inventory into a temporary lot in Berthoud during construction. Ingrim invites you to stop in for a free coffee and a test drive out to the new site in one of the 2019 F-150s, Super-Duty or the all-new Ford Ranger.  “We’d love to meet you,” he said.