High-Tech Homes

As technology improves and design trends evolve, the demand for beautiful, functional, high-tech homes increases. (Photo: Unsplash)


Jennifer Egbert, Porchlight Real Estate Group

Jennifer Egbert, Porchlight
Real Estate Group

BOULDER – As technology improves and design trends evolve, the demand for beautiful, functional, high-tech homes increases. Today’s savvy buyer knows exactly what she wants in the home of her dreams, and the more boxes she can check off her list, the more inclined she’ll be to seal the deal. From lavish living spaces to the latest in smart home technology, these are some of the top features buyers are looking for in modern luxury homes in 2018.

Cutting Edge Kitchens
While top-of-the-line appliances are a must in any luxury home, the fanciest fridge in the world won’t catch anyone’s eye if it’s in a cluttered kitchen. Today’s upscale kitchen is roomy and well-organized, with plenty of counter space and extra features like a double oven and an island with bar stools and its own sink.

Spa-Worthy Bathrooms
A haven from the stresses of everyday life is necessary in this hectic world, which means buyers want at least one bathroom in their home to have everything they need to create a relaxing escape. A well-equipped bathroom should rival a professional spa, complete with walk-in shower, steam room, soaking tub, and heated floors. Skylights or windows with a view are a huge plus.

Expansive Closets
Cramped closets are out, and well-designed dressing rooms are in. A closet with ample space for clothes, shoes, accessories, mirrors, and a vanity becomes an extension of the bedroom, an intimate space that showcases the homeowner’s style while offering a refuge from the rest of the house.

Sophisticated In-Home Amenities
Why go to the gym when you can work out in the privacy of your very own fitness studio? Houses with gyms, libraries, theaters, and even sound-proof gaming rooms enable occupants to engage in their favorite hobbies whenever it’s convenient, without ever leaving home.

Quality Craftsmanship
Archways, energy efficient windows, built-in bookshelves—it’s the little details that often make all the difference between a solid investment and a questionable one. A well-built home outperforms a hastily constructed one every time, and will retain its value for years to come.

Inviting Outdoor Living Space
Whether the backyard boasts an edible garden, fire pit, seating area, or all three, the importance of a well-integrated outdoor space cannot be understated. Indoor common areas should seamlessly connect to outdoor ones, with large glass doors and windows to divide or unite them as weather permits.

Smart Home Technology
Modern homeowners want control over every detail of their living spaces, from the temperature to the lighting to the garage door. With the advent of AI personal assistants and the growing Internet of Things, immense strides have been made these past few years in the realm of smart home technology. Buyers are looking for features they can control both in-home with their voices and remotely from their phones.

State-of-the-Art Security Systems
Protecting your home and family is paramount, meaning today’s buyers require the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what’s going on in their home at all times. Indoor and outdoor security cameras, 24/7 monitoring by security professionals, alarm systems, and more provide this much-needed reassurance.

Today’s luxury home buyers are looking for convenience, customization, and comfort. That’s why the most desirable modern luxury homes of 2018 come packed with the newest technologies in addition to their many well-designed physical features.

By Jennifer Egbert. Jennifer is a Realtor at Porchlight Real Estate Group and specializes in Luxury neighborhoods, home builders and current market conditions. Visit jenniferegbert.com, e-mail jennifer@jenniferegbert.com or call 303.619.3373.