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A Newcomer’s Perspective on Relocation and the Boulder Area

We spoke with WK Real Estate’s new Executive Vice President Kari Newman about her recent relocation, perspective of the area and role with WK Real Estate.

Now is the time to buy your retirement home, even if you’re not ready to retire

In addition to financial investments, start thinking about where your ideal retirement home might be located, whether it’s here in Colorado, in another state, or even another country.

Time to downsize? Signs to help you decide

Downsizing is almost inevitable for most of us. Just like the home-preferences of single adults are different from those of families with young children, so are the home needs and wants of retirees.

Homebuyer ‘love letters’ may stir bias

Several years ago, Kristine Chadwick and her family were trying to buy a house in Eugene, Oregon. The market was competitive, so her agent suggested she write a letter to the seller, describing her husband, three kids, two dogs and one cat, and why she wanted to raise her family in the house. Hers was not the highest bid, but she got the house anyway.

The letter worked.

The Lighter Side: American products – Everything’s shrinking (except the prices)

I got out a new roll of toilet paper the other day and saw that it was noticeably narrower than what has always been the standard size. What the heck?

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