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Tips for choosing carpeting you won’t regret

Tips for choosing carpeting you won’t regret

Choosing new carpeting for your home is a big deal. Not only does it have a big impact on your décor, its ease of maintenance (or lack thereof) affects your everyday living.

The Lighter Side: The 2020 holiday letter of gloom, doom and gratitude

Every year my husband and his siblings look though my mother-in-law’s holiday cards and letters to catch up on the lives of extended family and old friends. She used to get these truly amazing holiday letters from a former neighbor who has since passed away. These...

The Lighter Side: Ghost in the house? Could be nice, but maybe not

This is the time of year – when the heat is cranked up – that one hears all kinds of creaks and groans in old houses, which I always live in. One time a woman said to me, “I could never live in an old house. I mean someone probably died there.” I thought, so what?...